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The best thing about winter to me is the different textures of clothing you can add to your wardrobe. I’m talking about corduroy, faux fur, faux leather, and faux suede (PETA don’t come for me). If you haven’t checked out my last “Steal Summers Look: Corduroy is Back” highlighting how to incorporate corduroy into your winter wardrobe you can read that here. In this post we’re talking about faux suede in a not so traditional winter hue. When you normally think of suede or faux suede in any item of clothing it’s usually in colors such as brown, black, oatmeal, burgundy, olive green, and even rust. If you pay attention while you’re out shopping these next few months you’ll notice them as your winter seasonal colors. But you know me I like anything that’s out of the traditional or the ordinary so when I found these Forever21 Faux Suede Zip Fly Ankle pants in bight hot pink I had to scoop them up. Now they also came in black but what’s the fun in that?



Initially, I am a bit set back when it comes to Forever21 because the sizings are off. They are usually cut way smaller than what a normal Large or Medium would be. I am a fairly curvy woman with lots of hips, butt, and thighs where I’m a little outside of a standard large but I’m not quite in the plus size fitting range. Then you have some pieces in Forever21 where you think it’s a fluke because the sizing is abnormally large. So, you can imagine my surprise when I pulled these faux suede pants in a size medium in the dressing room with them fitting like a glove. Because I have wide hips and a smaller waist my pants usually have that annoying gap in the back but not these. It’s almost as if they were constructed with my measurements in mind to perfection. Outside of the fit, here are some specs on the pants: faux suede like skinny leg with a bit of stretch, silver zip up fly, attached belt with silver grommet holes to adjust to your liking, and silver vertical zippers on each side in the place where pockets would be. The best thing about Forever21 is the price point especially those of us that are balling on a budget. These faux suede zip fly ankle pants were only $29.99.


I was attending a social gathering at The Skylark for celebratory drinks and wanted something comfortable and snatched but definitely was not interested in doing a dress. Therefore I paired the bright hot pink faux suede pants with a black t-shirt from Zara that has pink floral printed organza sleeves that puffed out at the shoulders. It was ideal and perfect due to it being a basic t-shirt with a touch of drama and a little graphic wording of “Trust The Flow”. This Zara “Top with Organza Trim” was on the less expensive side of Zara’s price point at $29.95 and I can also dress them down with jeans and sneakers at some point.

Completing the look I paired them with white Zara pumps with a PVC trim from circa 2015. I know what you’re thinking, but Summer it’s after Labor Day, no white shoes…right? WRONG! I don’t subscribe to any fashion rules. If the look calls for it, it just calls for it and this look called for white pumps. Now, of course these shoes are not available anymore but I did place a few options below that are similar if you wanted to re-create the look.

If you choose to steal this look or just the pieces to create your own look I’d love to catch your vibe on Instagram. Tag me on all your stories, posts, etc and use the hashtag #stealsummerslook. Until next time!

Happy Shopping!


Summer Terry

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