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Has the temperature began to drop where you live yet because here in New York it’s starting already. The days are now longer, it gets darker earlier and the temperature will soon be at a steady mid 40 to mid 50 degrees. I’ll soon find myself searching my closet for the best most comfortable coat that’s both chic, stylish, and warm. And if you’re anything like me and have done your due diligence of clothing donations as you re-organized your closet from summer to fall/winter you’ve made room to treat yourself to a new winter coat. What better outerwear option to add to the collection than a wool plaid coat. Wool plaid coats were highly stylish in the 1920’s to the 1960’s. Taking details from men’s military coats they added a certain sophistication for women. In some instances a lot has not changed in style from the standard two pockets, the long length just below the knee, to the classic herringbone and plaid, and winter colors of tan, gray, and dark green.

Fast forward to 2019 and you’ll still see some of those traditional details with an array of sleeve lengths and styles, exaggerated prints and bold colors. What I love most about wool plaid coats are the ability to dress them up and dress them all the way down. I mean out to dinner and a fundraiser or simply running errands in sweats or jeans. During my search I found some unique, statement making, bold wool plaid coats and since I can’t buy them all why not share them with you. One of you may find your next dream wool plaid coat!

If you find your next gem from any of these options I’d love to see how you style it up or down. Follow me on Instagram and tag me on your photos and in your stories with the hashtag #stealsummerslook. You might just see yourself in my stories! Well, until next time…Happy Shopping!


Summer Terry

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