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Okay so you heard it here, yes corduroy is back. No longer is it that embarrassing texture that makes you think of the overalls your Mom would dress you in for school. This fall we’re ushering in corduroy, which happens to be the quintessential cold-weather fabric, in a whole new way.

Corduroy is not a very forgiving texture so I was curious how a structured button down shirt and high waisted paper bag trousers would fit over a short very curvy body. To my surprise it actually looked very tailored with yet a relaxed fit. The two piece set worn together you would think the thick texture would be stifling but it wasn’t. In all actuality the two piece Wild Fable corduroy set was extremely lightweight, flexible, and incredibly comfortable. I wore this out to a ColorComm mixer where many thought it was indeed a jumpsuit instead of two individual pieces. I love sets like this because you know me… I’m a get 3 outfits out of one set. That’s exactly what I did too!

Worn together in a rich mustard yellow color I decided to add flair to the look by pairing it with orange suede pumps. Suede being another winter /fall texture I thought the two would compliment one another nicely.

Keeping that theme I chose to pair the corduroy button down shirt with a white tank top and suede over the knee boots. The teal green boots bring out the yellow mustard very well intensifying a fall picturesque vibe! You know how I feel about a vibe…feel them and create them. Straight like that!

The last look I created was centered around the high waist paper bag corduroy trousers. Because the pants were the stand out piece I followed the KISS method (keep it simple sis)! Taking advantage of these 69 degree days that feel like summer I pulled out my transparent block heel mules, a white tank top and an oversized denim jacket. The combination makes this look easy for day and night. Speaking of combinations, the mix of textures blended very well giving the corduroy a more relaxed feel for the day but still sassy enough to stroll through dinner.

Next time you see a two piece set that looks a bit bolder than anything you would ordinarily wear, take that chance. It will make a statement look together, but will also be great pieces individually to draw inspiration on how to remix other things in your closet to create new looks.

I hope after this you won’t second guess picking up something like a corduroy shirt, pant, skirt, or even a jumper to modernize it and make it into your own! Here are the some purchasing links for the full corduroy look, look two, or look three with details for each item and similar options if you are interested in stealing these looks. If you do I’d love to catch your vibe on Instagram. Tag me on all your stories, posts, etc and use the hashtag #stealsummerslook. Until next time!


Summer Terry

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