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I try to live a balanced lifestyle not depriving myself of too many things but also being aware of what I’m eating. As I get older I look into more natural ways of adding nutrients, minerals, and vitamins into my diet. Deciding to add cucumber juice is a sure fire way of making sure I get those nutrients and let’s be honest I’ve heard about the weight loss benefits lol. Although weight loss was the initial ammunition to begin this daily routine I learned of so many other benefits that are right up my alley. Keep reading for my top 8 reasons for drinking cucumber juice.

Cucumber juice is a great source of so many vitamins including vitamin K, Vitamin C, B vitamins, iron, magnesium, antioxidants (my favorite word), silica, and silicone to name a few. I’m going to list out my top 8 reason and they are not in any particular order of importance. Let’s go!

Promotes Weight Loss – Cucumbers are packed with antioxidants that boost the metabolism resulting in weight loss. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s low in calories as well. This comes in handy for me because don’t buy juice or soda in my house just cases of water. Sometimes it gets boring just drinking water so a 16oz of cucumber juice is a nice break up of 8 glasses of water a day.

Detoxifies the Body – With it’s high water content cucumbers cleanses the body of toxin and old waste minerals naturally. If you’re looking for a natural and easy detox cucumber are the way to go. Add 1 liter of water, juice 1 cucumber, 1 lemon, and about 10 mint leaves. I also like to add ginger for a lil kick!

Hydrates and Cools the Body – Going back to the high water content in cucumbers they’re actually 95% water and two compounds (ascorbic acid and caffeic acid). The combination of the two acids prevent water retention. And because cucumbers are so high in water they flush out toxins keeping the hydrated and serves as a coolant for the body. Just think about a nice cold glass of cucumber juice on a hot summer day. It not only sounds refreshing but it feels refreshing!

Boosts Immunity – As I stated earlier cucumbers are jam packed with minerals, hormones, compounds, and antioxidants that protect the body from diseases and seasonal viral infections. We all know as the seasons shift and the weather gets a bit more unpredictable to down right frigid that’s when viruses and colds start to go around. Strengthen your body against those virus with just added cucumber juice into your diet.

Boosts Energy – I have an iron deficiency and so there are times that I feel fatigued, irritable, and its really hard for me to concentrate. Cucumbers are an excellent source in iron and B vitamins that combat all those symptoms. By fueling my body with those vitamins and nutrients it leaves me feeling energetic and able to conquer the day.

Improves Sleep – I can say I get the best sleep from two things a nice hot shower and when I’m feeling my healthiest self. I was surprised when I found out that cucumber juice has the ability to calm the nerves, lower anxiety levels, and reduce stress. Once I found that out I started paying more attention to how I sleep on the days I drink cucumber juice. I must say there is a difference.

Glowing Skin – We’ve all heard of placing chilled cucumber slices on your eyes to reduce puffiness but what if I told you, you can get the same benefits and more by drinking the cucumbers. Unbeknownst, cucumbers are a great source of vitamin C and silica. Silica is known as the beauty mineral high in antioxidant levels calming inflammation in the body, reducing redness, puffiness, and blemishes. Can anyone say fountain of youth!

Promotes Healthy Hair Growth – If having the beauty mineral wasn’t enough cucumbers also have silicon and sulphur in them. Both silicon and sulphur aid in hair shedding while promoting hair growth. So no matter how many HSN vitamins I take I’ll do anything to help the health of my hair. Especially when it comes to promoting growth!

There are so many reason and benefits to drinking cucumbers juice. These were just my faves. If something resonated with you where you felt like you need help in that particular area try implanting cucumber juice in your diet. Until next time!


Summer Terry

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