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We’re well into 4th quarter and if you haven’t been giving your all or you’ve been in a stuck phase and just now pulling out of that this letter is for you. I know as a creative you go through creative blocks/mental blocks. For me it was a writing block at one point and it didn’t help that I was going through major life changes in my personal life. If you’ve read my previous letters from the editor (July & September) you’ll see I’m coming out of that with you all as well. Right now I’m feeling hella driven, ambitious, and creative which are all great emotions to feel towards the end 2019.

I had a conversation with a friend last week where we check in with each other on how we’re doing personally, where are we in the professional goals we’ve set for ourselves, etc. What I noticed is that we tend to put so much pressure on perfection of a project or a business plan that we let it stall. I say we because I’m in that same boat too…the boat that never leaves the dock. If the plan we have starts to hit roadblocks we stop. That cycle has to stop! Now if its something that is out of your control then revisit the plan and come up with new action items for the original plan. Yes it’s more work but it will definitely be worth it because it gets the boat moving and that’s all it takes. Once you start driving the boat you won’t want to stop. It’s like a child learning to walk. Once they take that first step you can’t get them to sit still.

So as we’re in mid October with 2 more months left in this decade, yes I said decade, take your plan serious. Serious and at your own pace. If that means taking a break from social media, friends, or family to get your mind on track do it! Also, don’t look at other people’s journey and just focus on what it takes to execute on the first action item on your plan. If you continue checking off action items daily when you look up come December 31st you’ll see how far you done drove the boat of your dreams and goals. I’m going to leave you with what I told my friend on that phone call;

“Whatever you gon’ birth, birth it this decade. Grow it in the next.”

I hope you all make the best of these next few months! Until next time!


Summer Terry

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