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Can you believe the summer is over and the fall season is upon us? I was just looking through my camera roll and reliving those first days out of quarantine which kicked off the summer. It also happened to be my birthday week. Because of the state of what was going on I didn’t have super special plans nor a fancy outfit. I was definitely having a quarantine bday celebration and just wanted to be comfortable. Which leads us to this cable knit leggings set.

When I purchased my cable knit set I was looking for something super comfortable and something I could break apart. You all know how I feel about interchanging my pieces and making multiple outfits from them. Each time I’ve worn them and posted pics on my Instagram you ladies have always asked the infamous question under my comments and inside my DMs, “Sis, where are these leggings from?”. And because I purchased them from a small local boutique in my neighborhood there was no link for me to share with my social media fam who lives in another state. In true Summer Terry fashion I went online and did some scouring for you all to steal this look and create your own fall and winter vibes. The bonus for you all is the sets I found came with a sweater and not a halter top like mine. So it looks like I’ll have to get some of these sets too! Take a look below at some options from these easily accessible online boutiques.

PrettyLittleThing basically has the same cable knit sets in a multitude of colors to choose from. The gotcha is the price is different for each color of the same exact item. I know…HOW SWAY? I’ll tell you, marketing lol! The point is, it doesn’t really matter which online boutique you search you’re bound to find the same sets. It’s your job to decide where do you want to get your set from and what’s your price range. If your main focus is on price I would look at the boutiques that sell these cable knit leggings in an coordinate set. If you’re someone like me where your bottom half is a different size than your top as per the boutiques size chart go with the the purchase as separates option.

Now that you’ve checked out some of the different sets from the links I provided which one, two or three are you snatching up? If you show how you style it up on your Instagram tag me and use the hashtag #stealsummerslook . I’d love to share you on in my stories.

Until next time…Happy Shopping!


Summer Terry

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