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Would you believe September is here! I had every intention of getting back to you in August but bay-bay August was a doosey. I blame it on the new moon and the lingering shadow period of the retrograde I talked about in the July Letter from The Editor: Surrendering post. If you can recall I was feeling directionless so I just had to surrender to the universe and isolate myself for a bit. Doing that allowed me to step into September unstuck, energized, excited, positive, motivated, and creative AF! So let’s get into revealing how I got here….September Letter from the Editor take one!

Where do I begin? Ya girl is in a whole different space. I’m talking a whole 180 and the funny thing is my situation did’t change but my perspective did! Letting go of stress, fear, and obsessive thinking pushed me into this energy that I’m in now. I’m creating more, I’ve cultivated some productive aligned structure to my days, and I’m blinding accepting opportunities that fear would have normally had me declining. Perspective is everything! Just think about something you may be going through that rightfully so may be a uncomfortable situation but there’s a sweet spot in that. Uncomfortability is where God can use us the most and where we grow. It’s the place where all the fogginess gets clear in a sense because you really just need to focus on what really matters. During these two months I did a lot of prayer (which I do anyway), but I mean like there were days where I was praying multiple times a day more often than the normal. I also continued with saging of my space every morning listening to my Sunday Vibes playlist (which should really be titled something else since it’s not just for Sundays). Y’all, your girl even started to journal again. I’m talking pen to paper true brain dump. It’s so liberating.

So for any of you that are feeling like I was “directionless” it’s time to get unstuck! I’m here to say whatever it is that is weighing you down it’s not bigger than you and God’s purpose for you. Incorporate some daily feel good activities that will get you going. Oh wait I didn’t tell you that I also started sprinting in the mornings (not everyday but still lol). That kinda rush definitely gets your endorphins pumped! But for real, if I can do it you can too! I want to know some of the things you plan to add to your day to get you unstuck. Tell me in the comments and leave your IG handles so I can follow you.

Let’s Talk About It & Until Next Month!


Summer Terry


  1. Natasha

    September 6, 2019 at 1:04 pm

    This was great and so timely for me to hear. I’m still in the area that you were with your precious letter but I’m trying to get to the unstuck space you’re in now!! Will keep praying. Thanks for sharing this

    • iamsummerterry

      September 6, 2019 at 1:14 pm

      Hey Boo, I’m glad I was able to add insight. Just know God don’t put us through anything that is not made to sharpen us for the next level! Continue to pray he hears you…ALWAYS!

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