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I know they say 40 is the new 30 and that 30 is the new 20! Well whatever 37 is I’m loving it! My skin journey has come such a long way while educating myself on the necessary products and the right ingredients to achieve the skin I’ve longed for my entire life. I dedicated time to testing out the advantages of adding Vitamin C serums into my routine and admittedly so it has been the culprit to my natural glow that I don’t think I’ll ever stop talking about. And because I can’t and won’t stop (take that, take that!) I’ll just continue to put you on to the faves that I’ve found, loved, and would highly recommend you trying.

I did a post on Vitamin C serums back in March here so I’ll save you some time on all the benefits of Vitamin C as you can read about all it’s goodness there. What I will do is get into these COOP+Daisy Vitamin C serums that blew my mind. Despite how amazing they are they are extremely hard to find as with anything that Marshalls sells. It’s like a magic trick, one minute its there the next minute it’s gone. I’m just glad I didn’t pass up on the C-Plus Day Serum and the Brighten Up and Glow Serum.

How I judge a good vitamin c serum off the bat is how evenly it applies across the skin. I’ve had some that are a little sticky and that’s no fun especially if your serum is part of a multi-layer routine. The COOP+Daisy serums are lightweight, feel like silk in your hand, have minimal to no fragrance and just glides across your skin when applied. As far as application goes they got a 10! Even though I have pretty good skin I do believe the C-Plus Day serum definitely enhanced my skins natural complexion even through the tan I received over the summer. Outside of its most powerful ingredient, the added hyaluronic acid, Rose Oil extract and essential nutrients all mix together for not only the ultimate glowed up shawty shine it added to the firmness of my skin which only further perpetuates this aging backwards process I strive to achieve daily, lol. I also attribute it to the use in combination with their Brighten Up Glow serum that’s full with antioxidants. If I can drill anything into your head it’s that antioxidants are our friend! The citric & fruit acids from the rich pineapple extract gently exfoliates away dead skin. We like that because removal of dead skin means revealing of a healthy complexion and a natural glow. So much so that I can count on one hand how many times I’ve worn a full face of foundation this summer. It was especially nice to not have to feel trapped by makeup while trying not to sweat in 98 degree heat & NYC humidity. And y’all know I wear wigs on the regular so add a few more degrees to that!

The next time you’re in Marshalls don’t forget to pay a little more attention in the skincare aisle. I got both of these serums for $5.99 each. I know it’s a lot to look through on those shelves but there are gems in there, namely COOP+Daisy!

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xoxo ~ Summer Terry

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