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I know it’s been a while since I’ve kept you updated on some affordable looks. Truth is life caught up to ya girl. Between work, starting a new business, and renovating & redecorating my apartment lets just say I haven’t had the time. But today I have time honey so let’s get into these 70’s vibe flares and longline lace bra.

Lately I’ve been in this 1970’s fashion vibe of flare pants, big frame glasses and obnoxiously huge hair. Well that vibe carried on into the weekend while attending a birthday brunch at The Magic Hour in NYC. Such a beautiful place, great vibe and perfect for instagram worth shots. But lets rewind a bit because the dress code was for everyone to wear pink. One thing about me I hardly adhere to dress codes because I dress on my mood. Also, you could scan every fashion posts on this blog I don’t wear a lot of pink which means I don’t own many pink items. So off to shopping I went. I already knew I was NOT going to wear full on pink everything. My vision was 70’s summertime hipster chic where all I needed was a top to complete the vibe.

Ofcourse I waited to the morning of the brunch to look for a top because I thought how hard could it be to find exactly what I have in my head in a store (the set up I do to myself all the time). I strolled myself into Rainbow to the lingerie section at the bras and something clicked. Just enough boobs and skin for the win plus it was only $6.99.

I had to get a size up from my normal 36D to be on the safe side. I had no time to come back for an exchange. The Longline Lace Bra from Rainbow was the the perfect blush pink, lightly lined padded push up with about 3-4 inches of lace trim to cover any tummy area that would peak out worn with just about anything high waisted.

Remember that 70’s vision…well it was all built around my Zara Flare 1975 denim jeans. I love these jeans so much I’m tempted to buy two more (1 to distress the knees and the other as a back up). The fit is perfect with the right amount of stretch. I’m too curvy for any classically hard denim. All my denim has to have some stretch to them. The high waist sits perfect around all tummy imperfections and around my waist in the back. I usually have issues there due to my waist to hip ratio but not with these jeans. They hugged every curve as if they were made per my measurement to the point that I didn’t even have to wear a belt. Now you see why for $39.90 I’d buy so many pairs over and over again!

What added the drama outside of the jeans, which might I add elongated my 5ft at most tall frame, was my fave Peacock & Blossoms Old Shanghai Kimono from amazon for $38. I’ve blogged about it before and worn it countless times as seen on my Instagram (@iamsummerterry). The day of the brunch I decided to wear it open but loosely tied that way my silhouette from the push up bra and high waisted flares wouldn’t get lost in all the fabric. I chose this kimono because it had two shades of pink in it so I knew that even if I didn’t find a pink top the flowers would suffice for my pink as per dress code. Luckily the bra was the same blush pink as the most prominent flowers on the kimono.

On my feet which really didn’t matter because the flares covered them but I still like to be on point were my pink A New Day Myla Pumps from Target which look like barely there heels. These are comfortable, versatile, and affordable at $27.99. I’ve worn them to work, to the museum, to brunch, I mean you name it they have been there.

I’d say for a last minute “adhere to color dress code” I did pretty good with what I already had in my closet and a bra lol. If you decide to remix this look I’d love to see what you do with it. Simply tag me on your photos on Instagram and use the hashtag #stealsummerslook . I love to share how my ladies pull and show up while remixing my looks with their own twist. Until next time!

Happy Shopping!


Summer Terry

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