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I’m a firm believer that as long as you have standout outwear in the winter it really doesn’t matter what you’re wearing underneath. I’m going to show you how a plain black turtleneck and denim jeans can be amplified with just a switch of a coat.

I love to dress up and try new things but honey in the winter I just like to be comfortable and warm especially living in NYC. I know you see these images of women prancing around the city draped in beautifully curated ensembles however that’s not what it’s like on a everyday basis in this beautiful city. Yes it’s the fashion capitol but let’s talk about how the everyday woman who maybe does not step out the door in 5inch stiletto heels, couture frocks and mink coats lol really push through effectively. The average everyday woman is trying to be as comfortable as possible while navigating the concrete jungle depending on where she is going.

Take this color block wool coat! The color block detail of black, blue, pink, white, red allows for it to be the focus while keeping your other pieces rather simple. Simple can be a black turtleneck (my winter staple) and denim jeans, some sort of pants etc. I wore it with a leather peplum blouse layered with a black turtleneck underneath, and denim jeans. Your shoe option is endless since the coat has many colors in it. I decided to bring out the red and paired it with red BGBG Generation suede pumps. I let the coat do all the talking and heightened the look with shoes and accessories.

Unfortunately, this wool color block coat was a purchase many years ago so I don’t have a link for it but I found something quite similar on SheInside for $31, which in retrospect is a better deal than I got! The colors are different but the style is very much so the same.

As for the second coat this was very much an impulse purchase. Nonetheless there were two things I knew for certain and that was that the coat was warm and a showstopper. This faux fur blush pink floor length coat can be worn with the most simplest of items. I’m talking white tee, ripped denims, shoes, sneakers, or boots and call it day. Doing too much underneath will confuse the entire look. For the sake of showing simplicity I swapped the wool color block coat for the floor length faux fur, switched the red pumps for navy blue tweed booties, and removed the leather peplum blouse leaving on the turtleneck.

I saw this coat online for $125 and refused to purchase knowing I could find a better deal. And that I did at Lady Dr. Jays in my neighborhood. I was able to get the coat for $70 (savings of $55 plus shipping). It’s since been out of stock in store and the online boutique who had it is out of stock as well. Sorry!

The whole purpose of this post was not to show you where to purchase these coats but how to slay winter coats with minimal effort underneath. We still have a few more month of winter which means more time to grab you a stand out coat to slay through the winter season.

Happy Shopping!

xoxo – Summer Terry

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  1. Mere

    December 26, 2018 at 3:49 pm


  2. Pauline

    December 29, 2018 at 9:26 am

    I totally agree with the outerwear comment. I LOVE coats and try to find the most unique ones. Love your insight.

    • iamsummerterry

      January 5, 2019 at 3:00 pm

      Thank you for your comment Pauline. I agree unique coats are all you need in the winter months. No need to complicate things especially if you live in a city where winters get really bad or cold. The last thing you want to do is compromise your comfortability while in yet you can be both comfortable and chic.

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