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Happy National Taco Day!

Most of you don’t know this but one of my favorite foods ever are tacos. From when I was a child and I had sleepovers with my friends my Mom would always make us tacos and I would eat as many as my stomach had room for. That really hasn’t changed much in adulthood. I take advantage of Taco Tuesdays at least once a month. It would be more if my waistline wouldn’t stretch and I didn’t have to stay in somewhat shape to serve up these looks. Any who, I had the pleasure of enjoying some healthy tasty tacos that I’m certain I could binge on without the worry of not being able to buckle my pants later.


During a lunch outing with co-workers we patronized this adorable instagram worthy taco restaurant, Taco Dumbo, right in midtown. The decor alone would attract any millennial girl looking for a place to grab a bite to eat and a quick photo op. The menus is displayed large and in charge on a projector wall and the pink, black, and white color theme throughout the restaurant keeps the vibe playful with hammock chairs, a pink old school payphone, and an inviting bar area that clearly reminds you “it’s time 4 shotskis”!



Taco Dumbo is not your typical Mexican taco spot. Instead of tacos packed with chicken, ground beef, or ground turkey they promote a healthier spin on the taco. Their menu is 90% vegan, gluten free, and diary free! Also they don’t only have tacos in shells, you can get taco salads, or taco rice bowls. I noshed on the Impossible Taco which consists of ancho americano prepared plant based beef, black bean mash, vegan lime crema on an  organic blue hard shell and I also had the Rotisserie Chicken Tinga on a soft corn tortilla. Both were equally delicious and incredibly tasty. The guacamole is served with organic blue corn chips which is nice add for the table if you’re dining with a group. I will say you may want to get two because they are rather small.



You can’t enjoy tacos without a nice cold margarita! You can either opt to get a cold press juice as a stand alone drink or you can add alcohol to it for a refreshing cold press margaritas that you can build from the menu. You choose your alcohol + your cold pressed juice + your rim dressing. It’s really cool because you can get creative with it and kind of be your own mixologist. I think Taco Dumbo is a great vegan taco place to visit even if you’re not vegan because the food is so good you forget it’s not really meat you’re eating. You get healthy tacos, fun creative drinks, and cool photos for instagram to give your followers some serious FOMO!



I visited the Taco Dumbo at 19 West 52nd Street in New York but you can find other locations at If you go let me know what you thought of it in the comments below or you can DM on instagram @iamsummerterry.


Until Next Time,

xoxo – Summer Terry

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