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Happy Saturday My Loves,

This won’t be a long post but I wanted to come in here and talk to you about my Saturday Morning rituals that I’ve grown to really love and lets face it require. After a week of juggling, mentoring, and hustling the last thing I want to do it let it show on my face.

Most don’t believe me when I tell them I’m 35, well 36 in a few months, but that’s because I’ve learned to invest in myself and a good skincare regimen. I’ve always wanted to go to the spa and get one of those fancy facials but its not quite in the budget for a recurring maintenance schedule. So you know me always finding affordable hacks to preserve my glow. And that’s exactly what I did when I found out about the Itworks Skincare line and their Deep Hydration Facial Sheet Masks. They’re infused with botanical ingredients that soothes and softens the looks of fine lines. And if you’re like me and you don’t have fine lines yet it also tightens, tones, and firms your face sort of like a natural face lift, lol. And if you had a ling night  of partying Saturday night and don’t want to go church looking all tired (I’m not judging) it wakes up tired skin to give you a more refreshed look. These Deep Hydration Facial Sheet Masks are so easy to use, you just apply to your face while clean on the side of the lotion, smooth it down on your face, and let it sit for 45 mins to an hour. Easy right?

I know you’re thinking ok, what am I going to do with this mask on for a whole hour. Well I either get my house cleaning down, wash dishes, or mostly force myself to sit down, unplug and relax. I’m always moving and shaking and on to the next thing so what I usually do is take that 45 mins grab some of my fave magazines make myself a cup of green mint tea and just…RELAX!  So that’s my Saturday deep hydrating facial ritual! If you want to grab you a pack of these go head and do so here. Oh and did I mention 4 come in a pack..that’s a whole month or 4 months of masking depending how often you want to get your mask on. They retail for $99 but you can get them for 40% if you sign up for their Loyalty Program. The Loyal Program allows you to get all their products, not just skincare, for 40% off and you get to make a custom lifestyle kit every month with the products you want to try, and if you use my links I get to be your personal Beauty and Lifestyle Advisor. How cool right?

Anyway, I said I wasn’t going to make this long, lol. I’m curious to know what are some things you do on the weekends that are like LAW to you to and help you unplug and relax.

Let’s talk about it!

xoxo – Summer Terry

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