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The Lip Bar has hit the shelves of Target ladies! That’s a BIG freaking deal especially when women can go to Target for some paper towels and end up in the cosmetic section….Every Dang On Time! Well ladies this time let The Lip Bar be on the grocery list too!

I recently had my first experience with The Lip Bar and their Liquid Matte in Boy Trouble and boy was I WOW’d. I have been on a search for a really striking red that complemented my complexion, was matte but also not too drying. So I had to put a order in for it plus the color Man Eater all before the news broke about it hitting the shelves in Target. That means you can walk into your local Target and build your collection of The Lip Bars lipsticks, lip glosses, and liquid mattes.

I’ve watched the viral growth of The Lip Bar for quite some time with the support of brown women everywhere to celebrity fans alike. When the Founder and CEO, Melissa Butler, was rejected from the tv show Shark Tank she didn’t let that deter her. She used that as a catalyst to continue to push her business and built “The Lip Bar Truck” that took her and her products state to state pampering women with a array of colors from her line. I love that Butler is very fluid online engaging in conversation with her supporters in real life when the brand is tagged anywhere on social media. I’m sure that close knit relationship she builds with her customers is a big part of The Lip Bars’ success. I know for sure I’m excited to make a Target run the first chance I get soley for The Lip Bar and maybe I’ll grab some paper towels along the way. And can I be honest and just say how I’m all for the $12 – $14 price point with as much product you get in your lipstick, lip gloss, and liquid mattes compared to others brands. Come one now Melissa (insert praise hands if this was Instagram/Facebook)!

To find out if you’re local Target has The Lip Bar on the shelves click here. 

Happy Shopping Divas,

xoxo – Summer Terry

Photos courtesy of The Lip Bar 

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