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For the past couple weeks my brain has been fried! I’m convinced it has something to do with the fact that mercury is in retrograde. Being a highly intuitive cancer I feels shifts intensely and it just throws my life out of wack. However, one thing I can always focus on is fashion! Which brings us to this beautiful coat. How many times have you found yourself scrolling on Instagram and before you know you BOOM….love at first sight! I’m not talking bout a man chile, stay with me I’m talking about FASHION!

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I was minding my business when I saw this colorful geometric print coat that stopped me dead in my scroll. Besides the bright colors and artistic geo print of this polyester stunner, I really feel in love with the large lapels and wide 3/4″ sleeves. Before even knowing what the coat was priced at I knew it had to be a splurge worthy item. The post had not details or specs so I saved it in my phone in my album for such rare finds because I knew I would find this coat again. A week later I saw actress Zendaya rocking the Italian made Maria Escote “L’Oiseau” coat. There it was my baby, my love, my new coat (maybe).



Zendaya kept it super casual pairing the coat with jeans and Nike sneakers. Honestly thought this coat does all the talking that you really don’t have to do much and shouldn’t compete with it. The only thing that would be up for debate is if this justifies as a Splurge or Not To Splurge item retailing at 950 Euros / $1,119.90. To make the decision easier for you this Maria Escote L’Oiseau coat is a one by one made item meaning once you order you are instructed to send over your measurements for a customized fit. The fact that its customized and not mass-produced might incline you to splurge knowing it wouldn’t be likely to bump into someone with your coat. Just expect to wait about 20 working days to get it back depending on the waiting list. So now that we have the details on this beauty is this a Splurge or Not To Splurge items in your book?


If you’re thinking of splurging you can do so here on the Maria Escote website.


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xoxo – Summer Terry


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