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I know I am not the only one that  has been fawning over Kim K Wests recent obsession with teasing us with peaks of her husbands Adidas “Calabasas” Collection. Mostly it’s been the sweats and a hint of jewelry in the form of a nameplate reading “Calabasas” in gothic font. I’m not really interested in the nameplate. I just want to know where can I get my hands on these Adidas “Calabasas” sweatpants.

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As I was doing some research on these now coveted sweats I learned that they are not available for purchase…JUST YET! They were initially supposed to be invitations to the Yeezy Season 4 presentation on Roosevelt Island in New York. But, the track pants weren’t produced in time to be sent out for the show. However, a few lucky high profile folks that visited the Yeezy showroom were able to snag a pair.

These Adidas “Calabasas” Sweats mimics the brands iconic 3 stripes down the side track  pants with banded cuffs at the ankle. The only difference is a patch on top of one side of the upper leg partially covering the 3 stripes that reads “Calabasas” in Pagan font along with a new Adidas Calabasas logo next to the Adidas Original logo.  Calabasas happens to be the name of the suburb outside of L.A where the celebrity couple live as well as many other big stars.

From glimpses of Kim & Kanye donning the sweats for some time now I can see that the colors ways may include: black /red; navy/ red; burgundy / orange; and green / gold.



Even Adidas addict Khlo-Money is also showing some brotherly love by slaying the Adidas “Calabasas” sweats with a sequin fitted jacket, and Christian Louboutin booties.


Now I hear from a little hypebeast birdie that this Addidas “Calabasas” Collection may drop some time in February. I don’t have a price point yet but if you can’t wait and want to re-create the look a good dupe is going right on over to Modells and grab you a pair of mens Adidas track pants (trio) for less than $50. But remember they must have the band at the ankle to lay in your booties correctly for the fit.



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xoxo – Summer Terry

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