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How many times do we purchase products hoping and wishing that they will do exactly what they says their going to do? I know for me thats a constant battle since I’m a product junkie and probably have tried every hair skin and nail vitamins on the market. Finally after years of false fancy advertisements I found a hair skin and nail vitamins thats given me REAL results.

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As a young girl I’ve always been the girl with the mushroom cut, short bangs, and paper thin hair. I think that’s where my love of hair extensions began because I wanted to create the look of having fuller, longer hair. I mean isn’t that why we all initially started dabbling in hair extensions. None the less while hiding my hair under weaves and wigs I still treated my hair with a good hair regimen and implemented taking hair skin and nail vitamins. I’ve tried every over the counter brand sold in the drugstores and although I wasn’t seeing much results I was convincing myself that maybe if I took these vitamins for 6 months I would see some improvement. But it didn’t matter how long I took them I never saw a change in my hairs health, luster, or length other than the average chin length thin hair. So let’s see $8-$10 a bottle for 6 months to pump garbage into my body with no real results…real smart Summer.


 I found out about a plant based hair skin and nails vitamin from ItWorks Global and decided why not let me give these a try. These Hair Skin and Nail vitamins work like all the rest as far as direction, take 2 tablets a day with a meal. That’s about all there is with comparisons to other brands. Through essential vitamins (Vitamins C, E , B6, and 1667% of the RDA of Biotin which is a B-vitamin important for healthy hair growth, strong nails, and glowing skin), minerals (selenium, zinc, and manganese to protect and support your natural skin renewal and collagen production), and a natural, plant-based nutrient (Japanese seaweed, grape seed extract, goji berry, and Extramel® melon pulp extract, all rich in antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids) these vitamins supports your body’s own collagen and keratin production, cell renewal processes, and boosts your free radical fighting defenses. In a lack of all these word, all the juices and berries that work from the inside out.


By the time I started taking the ItWorks Global Hair Skin Nails vitamins I had already been natural for over 5 years and my hair was thick but because I had stressed it out with back to back sew-ins, heat, and over manipulation it just wasn’t healthy. Within the first month I saw results. I noticed my hair was getting even more fuller and the luster was improved which meant it was getting stronger. By 3 months in (2/27/16) I saw growth retention!

Every couple of months when I would wash my hair and blow it out using a heat protectant it was like I was looking at a new head of hair each time. My hair is now super thick, even, and at bra strap length when straightened. I was even able to get the front of my hair to catch up with the back of my hair giving a look of total and complete amazing hair growth results. This November will be my 1 year anniversary taking the ItWorks Global Hair Skin and Nails vitamins and I don’t intend to stop anytime soon.

If you’ve been on a crazy hair journey to healthy fuller longer hair then you might want to give these try. You can grab your ItWorks Global Hair Skin and Nails Vitamins here to take advantage of my 40% discount. If you do get them tag me on your photos on Instagram @iamsummerterry. I would love to see your results.


Happy Healthy Hair Journey,


xoxo – Summer Terry

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