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I love me some K. Michelle but me and her have some serious fashion beef. I have been stalking this ZARA leather jacket for some time now and my dreams are of ever having it were crushed this week. Is it K. Michelle’s fault? No…but I’m just a tad salty because she has it and I never will. Read more after the jump….




Nights laid up searching the ZARA app for my size and store availability to then finding a store with a size large to only find that the jacked was constructed for a 2 year old. I’m just throwing a bit of shade because I’m salty, lol (I’ll get over it…eventually). Upon trying on this jacket sliding my arm in the sleeve I knew it was a no go when my elbow was the farthest it would go. Crushed..oh yes I was. But I still decided to share the awesomeness of this yellow faux leather jacket to tickle some other Diva’s fancy.




This faux leather jacket follows the pattern of a classic motorcycle style. The only difference is the extreme attention the shorter sleeves and crop bottom. Playing off the yellow coating are silver hardware zippers, and grommets. Already imaging looks complete with shoe and bag this light leather is the perfect stand out piece for spring. I’m still contemplating purchasing it in a size XL, dedicating the entire month of March to push ups and body wrapping my arms to tone and tighten and shed a few inches just to fit into this bad boy.



The Yellow ZARA Faux Leather Jacker retails for $69.90, super affordable but practically sold out everywhere in L, XL. But a sales lady did tell me that they are getting more in stock. If you interested to check out more images or the purchase a smaller size visit the ZARA website.


Happy Shopping Divas,


xoxo – Summer

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