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I would have never thought I’d be such a techie/gadget person but with all these super glam accessories BaubleBar teamed up with Target to gift us it’s got me running to my nearest Target.


With the holidays right around the corner these tech accessories could be just the right holiday grab bag gifts for the fashionable techie on the go! The BaubleBar and Target collection is full of glam and luxe accessories from headphones, phone cases (iPhone 6/6s), selfie sticks, and Bluetooth speakers. The best part is that the entire collection ranges between $19.99 and $49.99. Let’s go through some of our Topshelf Faves.


How could we start anywhere else but with the Love Your Selfie Polka Extendable and Wired Stick especially when a selfie a day is the Topshelf way? This selfie stick is powered by a wire (not Bluetooth) and is extendable.

Using your selfie throughout the day could cause you to need to recharge and you can do so by using the Power On The Go portable charger. This gem shaped powerbank has a battery capacity of 2600 mAh meaning up to 2 hours of battery life. All you have to do is charge this baby every night for 30 minutes for use the next day.


BaubleBar and Target also thought of chic ways to listen to your music via headphones, earbuds, or Bluetooth speakers. The Gem Make Noise Headphones come in gold/black and silver/rose gold colorways with comfortable cushioned silicon ear pads. More my speed is the Gem Make Me Noise Earbuds. Easily inserted with a comfortable fit these earbuds have a glam designer look that comes in three color ways (rose, silver, and clover).


For late nights at the office or at home listening to your fave tracks you can use the Brilliant Sound Speaker. This uniquely gem shaped Bluetooth speaker provides 3-4 hours of playtime until it’ll need to be charged again.


As part of the collection they also have USB cables and phone cases. This BaubleBar and Target collection comes at the perfect time as I’m always on my phone closing deals. These glam gadgets would come in handy. To find out more about the BaubleBar x Target collection click here!


Happy Shopping Divas,


xoxo – Summer Terry

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