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I’ve been obsessed with the Jeffrey Campbell HBIC Boot for a few months now. Unfortunately to my dismay they are sold out everywhere. I even stalked ebay. But my luck struck finding an uncanny dupe during a simple lunch break.


I must thank Youtube Beauty Vlogger Tiarra Monet for posting a picture of her Jeffrey Campbell HBIC Boots exactly 51 weeks ago. Yes that’s just about a year ago, lol.


Anywho, I immediately fell in love. It’s the perfect combination of the esthetics of the Timberlands wheat boot as far as the tan Nubuck upper and padded ankle collar. What makes them so uber fab is the 2.5 inch threaded frontal platform and heel height of 5 inches. The quintessential around the way girl construction boot!




I’ve also seen Heather Sanders, CEO of Sorella Boutique, rocking these same HBIC boots. They were sold out everywhere and every dupe I saw wasn’t quite right. Instead of the gum bottom they had a black platform and heel. I wanted an exact dupe as close as the HBIC as possible.



Which leads me to these babies. I found THE perfect dupe on a stroll through a Strawberry store shoe section. Who knew this store had a pretty decent shoe selection. As I’m walking around and spotted the boots you would think I looked like the emoji with the hearts in the eyes, lol. And they were only $39.99. Now that’s a savings of $209. SCORE!!!

I’m so in love with these boots and can’t wait to put them to the pavement.

xoxo – Summer Terry

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