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You ever look into you scalp and see it’s either full of dandruff or product buildup? Well something as simple as a $2 bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar can help.

As time goes by of us applying different conditioners, creams, oils, stylers, and more it’s a high likely chance of product buildup on the scalp. Also harsh shampoos can strip your hair of its natural oils making it look dull and feel very dry. What the apple cider vinegar does is balance you hairs natural pH balance, removes product buildup, and can be used as a natural detangler.

Apple cider vinegar also works to close the cuticle of the hair. So when you see hair that’s shiny and the light is just bouncing off of it; it’s because the cuticle is closed.

You can do Apple cider rinses to get these results by adding part ACV and water in a spray bottle.

Here’s what you do?

1.) Part hair into 4 sections and secure them with butterfly clips.

2.) Release one section and start making smaller parts. As you part the smaller sections spray your ACV rinse mixture onto your scalp.

3.) Use you finger pads to massage the mixture in which this will start lifting buildup off your scalp.

4.) Once you’ve made your way parting through your first section spray your hair with the ACV mixture and began to detangle.

5.) Once the section is saturated in the ACV mixture and fully detangled pin it back up and move on to the next section.

6.) After you’ve completed the entire head place a plastic cap on and let it sit for about 20 minutes.

7.) Once the 20 minutes is up rinse it out and follow up with your conditioner of choice to continue your wash regimen.

You can also add a table spoon of Apple cider vinegar to your favorite shampoo to assist in clarifying. However if you’re natural I don’t suggest you shampoo too often.

If you try this ACV Rinse let me know how your results come out. Follow me on Instagram: iamSummerTerry and tag me in your results pic with the #TopshelfHaircare

xoxo – Summer Terry

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